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More sorting options for Playlists

More sorting options for Playlists

Status: Open Ideas

I would like to be able to sort my Playlist Songs by Artist, Alphabetical, Genre, etc.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback, @Wernerala

Hope to see you around community more. 🙌🏻


I just want “sort alphabetically” useable more broadly. Specifically I don’t understand why I can’t sort my playlists alphabetically (or basically at all). I’m also annoyed that if I want to be able to keep track of my playlists contents I have to manually alphabetize the tracks.

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Yes!! Pandora please add better organizational features! 

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I was about to add this request but I'll tag onto this one instead.  I would also like to be able to organize by genre.  I'm surprised this isn't already a feature as my collection is growing and it's a pain to scroll through everything I have.  Thanks!

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I need to be able to sort a playlist by song title as well.  When are you gonna get this done Pandora?

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Sorting a-z is only available for "collected" via desktop/laptop. there is no sort option for mobile app. This makes it difficult to locate a playlist or station.

Please add collected sort options to mobile app.

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I agree wholeheartedly! I would love to be able to sort by genre and alphabetically. I used to listen a lot more, but I got frustrated because most of my stations are designed by genre, and there is no longer a way to move a randomly played song I like to another station. I'm a musician and I love listening to music I've never heard before. It's one of the things that pandora is great for; but, I don't want to listen to Adele when listening to my Native American Artists station. I'm forced to Thumbs Down it the song to keep the station for going in a direction I'm not interested in at that moment. They used to have a "move to another station" option that was perfect for organizing stations by genre. I don't listen to my Pandora account half as much as I used to because of it.

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Not only to sort playlists, stations, etc. but I want to be able to sort the SONGS IN said places as well. having them in ABC order would help see if any songs are duplicated since that is a big problem.

Can we also get an option to search for songs IN playlists, maybe have that function on our profile, and when we type in a song it pops up with what stations & playlists it is in.

Also can we get a playlist for collected songs or just make that thumbs up instead and have one playlist for both. I hate trying to find songs in both and I can't. seems to me both are the same so make them one 

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Being able to sort by recently added would be very nice.