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Move Songs from One Station to Another

Move Songs from One Station to Another

Status: Open Ideas

I want to move songs from one station to a new station.  How best to do this? Thx


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Can we bring back the feature that allows you to say you like a song but not on the specific station that you are listening to?

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The very reason I even found this community, was because I was trying to figure out why I can't move my songs to my different stations. I really miss this feature, because I do the same thing as "thiebaud", and many others talking about this here. I like to put certain types of music on different stations, so that I can choose the type of music I listen to, depending on my mood, or maybe the situation. My husband likes country and I like many different types of music, but like to keep things a little organized so that I can listen to what I feel like at a particular time.


Pandora - please bring this back, I feel like it is very missed by many.

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This was a great feature. I am looking for it right now. When will it come back?

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Pandora removed the ability to move songs from one station to another, which made it fun and easy to create distinct stations. Pandora has a tendency to blur stations together without it, since what you like is what you like, so it's essential for curating stations (which used to be the unique selling point of this app). I've seen clunky workarounds that are only available to Premium users with access to a Thumbs Up Playlist, but there's really no reason this option can't be restored since it was part of the app for years.

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  • A song comes on that you like but it's not the genre of the channel you've created. This would allow you to assign it as a thumbs up for another channel of yours.
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Giving the OP a heart here does not adequately express the need to bring back the Move Song To Another Station feature. Once we get that back Pandora will be worth my money again.