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Multiple Thumbprint Stations

Multiple Thumbprint Stations

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I think it would be nice to have multiple thumbprint station capabilities so you can thumbs up by musical genre instead of just one mish-mash of all the musical styles for the songs you've indicated you like. Maybe when you thumbs up it could ask you to assign from a menu of Thumbprint Stations you've previously created and named so you are able to group all your favorites by genre. Currently I have everything from Durand Jones & The Indications to Foster The People and Snail Mail to Pharoah Sanders in my Thumbprint Station so it really functions more as a shuffle of all my favorites. I think it would be an enhancement to additionally function (if user wishes) as a more specific favorites shuffle by musical style so you can listen to your favorites by category such as jazz, r&b, indie etc. with the user determining those categories for themselves.

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Hi @majorgolfer123, thanks for posting this great idea and for being part of community!



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I came on this forum to post this exact question & found this post.  I would also like to see Thumbprint stations by genre.  I listen to mostly light rock & easy listening at home so that's what my Thumbprint station consists of.  But I also like hard rock & metal away from home and I dont want to thumbs-up any of those songs because I dont want that style of music to play when I'm at home relaxing.  I would love to have separate Thumbprint stations for different types of music.  Thanks...

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I would like to have multiple thumbprint stations so that I can have different genres of music with all my favorites without them all playing mixed together.  I like to play easy listening music at home in the evening, but prefer rock at work or when hanging out with friends, so I would like to be able to choose which thumbprint station I want to hear.  Any songs I "thumbs-up" would give me an option for which thumb station I would like it added to.  Thanks...

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My range in musical tastes are wide! I would love 🥰 if I could have several thumbprint stations!  

please please please.

I would love to create stations by 'vibes', tempo, genre...whatever i thumbprints i wanted 😊

(Somewhat surprised this isn't in development by now 👩‍💻 come on Pandora 🥺) 

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I've been wanting something like this as well.


I'd like to be able to create multiple thumbprint radio stations where you can tell a thumbprint station to use the thumbs up from specific stations to seed it.


so, for example, I have several stations that play various types of hard rock and metal, and getting all those thumbs ups to form a single hard rock/metal thumbprint station would solve the issue i have of trying to create one station with all of that music combined. it never seems to work out because it always tends to not play from some of the seeds, and tends to play a lot of a certain type of music in a row before playing another type

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