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Offline songs folder in 'All Downloads' dropdown

Offline songs folder in 'All Downloads' dropdown

Status: Open Ideas

If we like various songs and they are downloaded, is it possible to have a 'song folder' and put them away from the radio stations we download?  It makes the general front list unnecessarily long.  Put this folder near the top so people can click into it easily if they want a certain song instead of having to search for it. 

The app is nice, but it seems to be missing some features like this that would make it SO much nicer and easier to use.



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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @thegreataus! Thanks for posting to Feature Request. 

To clarify your idea, are you talking about a separate folder for "favorites" at the top of each sort option?

For example, in Offline Mode, you filter your content by Song and you have the options to ad songs to the folder at the top?