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Option to remove/hide Exclusive Curated Modes on stations

Option to remove/hide Exclusive Curated Modes on stations

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Can I delete these modes that are added by Pandora to my stations? Or can I at least hide them.

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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@chongo228 You can't delete them but you're free you choose not to listen to them. Make sure your station settings are on My Station. My experience has been that way. I can chose when or if I want to put my station in a certain mode. I hope this helps.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @chongo228! Thanks for posting to Feature Request. Thanks @UncleBud for following up! 🙌 You're right!

@chongo228 This is currently not a feature of Pandora. However, we’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback definitely helps with that.

Thanks for being part of community 🎧


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How can I turn off Exclusive Curated Modes?

don't want this feature activated to display.


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@bkengland When you're playing a station and you don't want to hear the curated modes make sure your station is on My Station. You only have to listen to the various modes of you choose.


@bkengland I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Option to remove/hide Exclusive Curated Modes on stations

While this isn't an option, I recommend upvoting this thread with a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service.

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100% of the "exclusive curated modes" I've added have been me clicking on the box to add a content seed and the program deciding I clicked on another optional curated mode. I would really like to get rid of these, as I have to do a lot of scrolling to get down to "my station" and the various modes(deep cuts, etc.) for it.

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Please change it so we can either get rid of or at least hide the curated modes. Not everyone wants this. We have accidently bumped t several times, it is awful.

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When will we get the option to remove curated modes?. They just play the same songs over and over and I do not like it.

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I don't like it when exclusive curated plays. It took away my time to make it stop and more time trying to get rid of. 

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UGH!! How do I turn off the "Exclusive Curated Mode"?? I just want to go back to the U2 station as it was. I clicked on one of the exclusive curated modes and can't get rid of it now. I access it through Pandora's website. I've gone down the rabbit hole looking through the help links.