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Pandora Wordpress Plug-in

Pandora Wordpress Plug-in

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

I wish there was a Pandora Wordpress plug-in. There currently isn't one available. There's tons of plugins for Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, Last.FM and Deezer but none for Pandora. There are tens of thousands of music related Wordpress sites available from labels & band pages to blogs. Some of these sites are getting 20k-50k visitors a day to showcase new music and they're using either SoundCloud or the Spotify plugins on their site to place that platform links on their site. You guys are losing potential customers. I know artists who prefer Pandora over the other platforms because you guys pay them more per stream and they say Pandora is like driving a Maserati over a Ford. Please strongly consider this. 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @street2k thanks for great idea! We appreciate you taking the time to write us. ❤️Thanks for being part of community. 🎧

Local Performer

I second the opinion. I'd even pay a fee to be able to embed a Pandora player.