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Playlist Journal

Playlist Journal

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Pandora users would have the ability to create playlists and speak about songs on their playlists.  However, unlike live DJing, they would have ability to pre-record their voice and provide a 1-2 minute description of why this song is on their list--almost as if it was a "journal".  This would combine podcast like vibe with music playlist making.

For example, I could put a playlist together of the time that I drove across country.  This list could be 10 songs, and I would talk about why I chose them.  This would be similar to Pandora's Artist Feature today, but Pandora users could create their own playlists and speak to them.  This would create a personalized experience where users could share their experiences/life through words and music.  

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Hi @StarmanG! Thanks for posting this great feedback. What an awesome idea. 

Hope to see you around community more! 

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