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Pre Thumb and add track to station

Pre Thumb and add track to station

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Status: Open Ideas

Hi, I'd like the ability to thumb up a track immediately (even when playing it on demand), and then choose what station I want to add that thumbs up to.

for example, I have an 80's station and I want certain songs to be thumbs upped on it, but I have to wait for those songs to actually play before i can thumb them up. This can take weeks, even when using modes like artist only etc...

it would be great if I could create a station and then manually add thumbs ups to it without needing the songs to actually play on that station.

This would allow absolute fine-tuning of stations to get the songs you want on there without having to go through days, weeks and months of listening and tweaking to get the station how you want it.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @ctamutal! Thanks for your post!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that. Thanks for being a part of our Community!


Yes being able to pre-program your own station is sorely needed and highly desirable!!

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I agree.  It is frustration adding a track to a radio station. You find the track, play it on demand, and then it refuses to let you save it or add it to your collection.