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Premium for Control4: Home Automation

Premium for Control4: Home Automation

Status: Open Ideas

I have been a huge fan of Pandora Premium through my sonos system as I could play any album, individual song, etc. and now with the "Discovery" mode, it is amazing without playing the same songs in rotation.  Now I have upgraded to Control 4 and they are telling me Pandora will NOT allow control 4 to have their premium service available.  Does anyone know a work around besides completely switching to Amazon ultimate or other?

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback for the Control4 @MIker!

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I second this request. It is frustrating that I can’t use my Premium when I’m connected through Control 4. 

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Seriously, this is the level of response to this question?!  I too just upgraded to Control4. Obviously the hook into Pandora works because all my "Stations" show up. But nothing else..... I cannot get to my albums, artists, or playlists. 

I like Pandora, but if I don't get this resolved I will drop Pandora before I drop Control4 unless I discover that the problem is because of Control4 (could be).

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Agreed to other sentiments here.  I'd drop Pandora out of inconvenience before dropping Control4

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I also agree that not having the Premium service features is a reason to cancel and go to another service.  LOTS OF OPTIONS PANDORA STAFF!!!