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Print Receipt/ View Billing History

Print Receipt/ View Billing History

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 


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ljbrewer3, Regarding your Post: This is a Brilliant comment. Succinct and
Educating - Kudos. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I wish Pandora
was listening. Regards, Steve

Re: Print Receipt/ View Billing History

Still need a receipt. May have to change streaming services if I cannot get
a receipt that shows I pay for my subscription. Literally there is no other
service that fails to offer receipts. Fast food even gives me free food if
they forget to give me a receipt. CVS kills 4 trees per receipt to make
sure it's long enough to not be missed.

The word receipt comes from Old French meaning a list of ingredients for
potions and medicine and from Anglo-French meaning to receive in writing
details that prove you have acquired said product or service. From the
1400s. It's literally a a 600 year old idea.

Thanks for reading and considering the need for receipts Pandora.
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Please email receipts to your customers! All other web sites do for charges!

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Still no changes? How do I really know if/when I have been billed out of the remaining less than $10 I have until 2022...


Yeah, Social Security is not always payments every month. Not even for Disabled Military Veterans nor their adult incapable dependants... Even though I am/was on the military plan as is.


Only/Any contact from the people in control, NOT MODS OF THE COMMUNITY, or any actual humane HUMAN beings who still care are all I currently have the strength for.

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Never mind... Banks have opened 20 minutes early. I have 69¢ left to my name. I am REALLY eying Only Fans at the moment. The Gods Bless America.


And people wonder why I pretended to be from somewhere else growing up... If you have not figured it out yet... **I** am said Adult Incapable Dependent.

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Is not being karaoke anymore a good thing?

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How is not getting a receipt still a problem?