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Profile Picture - No Facebook

Profile Picture - No Facebook

Status: Open Ideas


Can you please add the ability to upload a photo directly to Pandora. I do not have a Facebook account and suspect that users may want to have a different pix in Facebook/Pandora/Gmail etc.



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Local Performer anyone from Pandora going to respond to these requests? Why do I have to have a Facebook account to “exist”? Ridiculous. 

Local Performer


Thank you for this option! 🙂

Local Performer

Help, please!
Hi, again! I’ve been looking for the avatar tab under my settings and can’t find anything!!!!! WHERE is it?! 😫 Thanks! 

On the Rise

You have my vote as well, I am not, nor do intend to use Facebook. Thank you

Local Performer

Facebook is the devil 😈 

Please give this feature

Opening Act

I have to admit I would like this feature as well. I do not have Facebook. I would like to be more than a colorful S or a grey blob! Lol, I have given my love by tapping the ❤️

Local Performer

Yes, same.  Would like the ability to change my profile pic/icon without linking to social media accounts that I don't have.