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Remember station mode

Remember station mode

Status: Open Ideas

Can you please set up stations to default to start playing in the last Station Mode selected, rather than in My Station mode?  I have multiple stations that I set to Deep Cuts and I would like them to stay there permanently. 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @arguslives! 👋🏻

Thanks for posting to Feature Request board and for your feedback on Modes! We appreciate your taking the time. 

Pleasebe sure to vote, the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap.

In the meantime, Modes should save unless you've logged out of Pandora or it's been an extended period of time. 

Thanks again for being part of community! 👍🏻


The mode for my station definitely does not save - I have to reset it to Discovery every time I open the app (phone, desktop, or Alexa) or get in my car (Android Auto automatically opens Pandora), except that I usually forget to do so because there's no indicator on some of those devices to remind me that it's reverted back to My Station mode as always, and then end up wondering why I'm hearing what seems like the same 10 songs over and over again.