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Repeat/Replay Songs When Connected to Carplay

Repeat/Replay Songs When Connected to Carplay

Status: Open Ideas

I recently went from Android where I had the ability to repeat most songs with Android Auto. With iOS and Carplay the back/repeat button is missing/greyed out on the Touchscreen and does not function when the physical controls are pressed. I have tested it and found that this feature works with Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube Music, Amazon Music but not Pandora. In order to repeat a song I have to unlock the phone open the Pandora app and press the repeat button.  While driving..  Let me tell you that's a safe option..  I have young kids who want to hear the same song multiple times...  Please add the ability to repeat a song through Carplay like all your competition already can. 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas
Hi @PorpoiseHork  Thanks for your post!
We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.
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Local Performer

There is no reason not to have a repeat and replay button in iOS CarPlay for accounts with subscriptions.  I listen to Pandora 95% of the time in the car, I pay a monthly subscription, and I do not get the all the features.  This is wrong.