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Scrubbing when listening to a station with a premium subscription

Scrubbing when listening to a station with a premium subscription

Status: Open Ideas

Looking for the ability for Premium subscribers to scrub around a song when listening to a station. This feature is available when listening to songs in other fashions (looking up the song manually, in a playlist, etc.), so it does not make sense for this to not also be avaialble in the quintensential, legacy listening method in Pandora. 

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Local Performer

Need to be able to scrub (rewind/fast-forward) a song and play play previous tracks in station mode.

C'mon Pandora! As others have said we need we need to be able to scrub a song and also play previous songs while listening to a station. It's ridiculous!

I left Pandora years ago cuz at the time you could not play songs on demand. I've come back five years later due to Pandora's better ability to discover music and better shuffle techniques only to experience this major flaw.

I'm debating whether to cancel subscription. Ugh! 

Local Performer

@Tiger1016 i do this too. sometimes i get in an intentional "music discovery mood" and i quickly scrub through the song to see if i like it. if i do, i thumbs up and move to the next.

... or i would do this if pandora allowed. i do this on spotify and apple music.

i get that the radio only subscription has limited licenses and has to act like terrestrial radio, but its crazy that if you pay for premium - where you CAN do this in a playlist - you cant do it on radio.

Local Performer

After a year and a half and no such implementation for those of us who pay for the premium subscription… cool.