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Search by Composer

Status: Open Ideas

Would it be possible to include a "composer" field?
Particularly for music created that has only been preserved in paper format and there was never one 'artist'? or at least aggregate recordings of their works in one place?

For example, Debussy, Beethoven and Bach are all listed as 'artists,' although their credit really is that of composers of the works heard by anybody today- and they have 0 songs under Pandora's search, users have to select individual players of their works in order to listen to their compositions.
I'm not sure Spotify has it right either, where they're all listed as verified artists, with thousands of songs under their credit.

I know this is a VERY involved request, with a massive overhead component to getting sorted, but I figured it couldn't hurt to mention.


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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the suggestion and idea @Alex_6. We appreciate the feedback for composers. 

Local Performer

I would like to add my vote in favor of listing composers here.  I often would like to know the author of a song, and also who the musicians are which appear in a recording.  I thought I saw that this feature had been added but I can't find anything resembling a session listing of the players.