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Search for songs by features

Search for songs by features

Status: Open Ideas

Search songs by the Feature of the song list. So a song list could be generated from one of multiple aspects which you have already created a list for. Examples would be

A Knack For Catchy Hooks

Beats Made For Dancing

A Rhythmic Intro

Subtle buildup/breakdown


This would be similar to how Beat Port Pro searches fine grained into what types of music djs want to play. This of course would be different because its for consumers of music who are looking for new music but with certain influences that interest them in whatever their flavor is. And your company has already done a good job finding out what expressions for these songs generate. I hope you see where I am going with this. I am sure its already been suggested I hope my added request furthers the idea. Ill say that I do see potential with your product offering using this method of music discovery. Thank you for taking my post 😉

Hey if you like my post give me a free year of using your product lol!


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hey, @livinglife.

Thanks so much for your suggestion, and for posting on the community.  🎶

Local Performer

I agree, this is a feature Pandora needs.

Opening Act

Searching for songs by "Music DNA" would be a lot easier if you could specify that DNA on your channels:

Local Performer

Has this been implemented? I'd love to have a feature like this.