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Set Frequency of Repetition

Set Frequency of Repetition

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It would be nice if there was a setting to tell Pandora how much time should elapse before it plays the same piece again.  Example: once it has played a particular piece, the same piece would not play again for a day, 2 days, 1 week, etc.

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Thanks for the feedback on repetition @mattspringer

It can be a difficult thing to balance songs repetition on stations and I definitely understand where you're coming from.

In the meantime, have you tried 'I'm Tired of this Track'?

If you'd like to prevent a song from playing for a while, but you don't want to give it a thumbs down, you can select "I'm tired of this track." 

From the Now Playing screen, just tap the album artwork to view the track details, then tap the three dots in the top right and select "I'm Tired of this Track."

If you selected "I'm tired of this track," the song will come back eventually, but there isn't a way to undo this action - so be sure you want to shelf the song for a bit. 

Thanks for post to FR! 🎧


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Right, I use "I'm tired of this track" all the time.  I was just thinking that it would be a useful feature to be able to say globally that I don't mind things I like being repeated a couple of times a day or I don't want them to be repeated within the same week, etc.  Thanks.


Does "I'm tired of this track" work across multiple stations?

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I agree that we should have the ability to choose Frequently, Occasionally, or Rarely (we already have thumbs down) to determine the frequency of a song playing.


So there's this function of "I'm tired of this song."

My issue is that this should be automatic. I shouldn't have to tell Pandora "you've already played that song 3 times today, please stop."

Once a song is played, whether it is thumbed up or unrated, that same exact song should not play for a week. (Or a user-set amount of time for how frequently they want repetition. I don't. I'd make it a month if I could.)

I want to hear either new music, or, music I haven't heard in a long time. I get so extremely frustrated and angry when I keep hearing the same stuff over and over in spite of the hundreds, thousands, possibly even millions of songs on Pandora, somehow the exact same music keeps playing on my station over and over anyway. And that's not even counting the thousands of thumbs up I've given over the years. There is no reason a song should play twice in the same day, ever, much less more than twice, unless the user has constructed a playlist that's that short.

And I should not be required to interrupt what I'm doing to toggle back to the station and manually tell Pandora "I'm tired of this song" dozens or hundreds of times a day. That's a ridiculous thing to ask your customer to do. And that's even assuming you're listening using a method that even has that function. Where's the "I'm tired of having to click I'm tired" button??

I want to press play and walk away, and then, hours later when my workday is over, turn it off as I leave. That's it. That's all that should be expected of me. And maybe if I really love a song, I'll come and give it a thumb up, or if I hate a song and never want to hear it again, thumb it down. And if something comes on that I'm just not in the mood for, hit skip. That's it. Thumb up, thumb down, skip. That's all I should ever have to use.

The "I'm tired of this song" function indicates that the station has failed. That setting should never have had to have been invented in the first's admitting that the station has failed to bring you music. We listen to STATIONS, not playlists, for exactly this reason. And if you have to hit that function over and over and over and over and over again....that should really call some attention to the fact that something is broken.

I listen to music in the background while I do other things. Listening to music is not intended to be an actively engaged process where after every song plays I have to tell the station to not play that song again any time soon, or constantly shuffling playlists, or jumping between stations, or really interacting with the player in any way. That's ridiculous. It should be built in.

Please, fix this.

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While I like having the "I'm tired of this song" feature as a stop gap measure when a station does fail to play new music (which I think despite the best efforts of the developers, may always come up now and again), I 100% agree with the sentiment of this post. The algorithm should constantly be working to reduce the number of "I'm tired of this song" button presses. There is much room for improvement here.