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Show current station playing when in Shuffle mode

Show current station playing when in Shuffle mode

Status: Open Ideas

Identify the source channel for the song currently playing in Shuffle mode.

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Local Performer

I agree this would be great to have!

Local Performer

Pandora used to have this function.   They've had it from the beginning.  
Then they began "re-thinking" everything and Pandora's interface has gotten continually worse. 
It's now 2021.   How the f--k do I know what the source station is, during shuffle?   You started out with this function long ago. 
Then you got rid of it on mobile.  
Then you brought it back.  
Now it's gone again. 
What the hell is wrong with Pandora's engineers? **ahem** are they thinking? This is such a basic obvious necessity 

Local Performer

I use the Pandora Music Shuffle Mode on my Android phone a lot.

When I am listening to a song while in shuffle mode, it would be nice to know what station, the current playing song is from.

I understand that this feature is available from the Web version of Pandora, but it would be nice to be able to do the same thing from the phone app, since I usually listen to Pandora from my phone. 

I emailed the Developers, and they emailed me back (Case # 03698600), and they suggested I submit a new feature request if I could not find this feature already requested. 

Surprisingly. I could not a similar request already submitted, so here is my new feature request.


mod edit: changed title for clarity

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks so much for sharing your idea, @garyeth! 👍

Local Performer

Hello there,

I pretty much exclusively use the shuffle feature to listen to Pandora. I don't see any way to see which station is being played through shuffle on iOS/mobile. This would help me modify my shuffle list when I add new stations. I've been wishing this is a feature for maybe 6 years now.

Thanks a bunch!

Local Performer

Like the PC app or website, having this feature in the mobile app would be nice.