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Shuffle for Google Home Device

Shuffle for Google Home Device

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Status: Open Ideas

I used to be able to play Shuffle on my Google Home devices. I would love that feature back! 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas
Hi @TrickShot! Thanks for the feedback.
We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.
Thanks for being a part of our Community!
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Hey @TrickShot , you can shuffle on google home devices one of 2 ways:


1) Verbal command: Hey google, shuffle stations on pandora. However, this doesn't seem to take into account the shuffle options in the app.

2) (my preference) Open the Pandora app, cast a single station to your google home device. Click the down carrot to view the list of stations, click 'Shuffle'. This will take your shuffle options into account.


I actually came here to report the issue of being unable to cast my shuffled stations to pandora directly. Seems like something is missing in the API connection between pandora and google home, but I think it's a great start. 🙂