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Shuffle mode: Toggle All / Toggle none.

Shuffle mode: Toggle All / Toggle none.

Diamond in the Rough
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re: SHUFFLE MODE -- Toggle All / Toggle None.

On Apple desktop app, why is there no way to toggle *all* stations on/off inside the shuffle to start over selecting shuffle stations?  My Android phone and PC desktop app both have a toggle that let's you select all/zero stations in shuffle mode.  Scrolling thru the entire list to disengage stations is super cumbersome! 

Also, within the same request... Could Pandora *please* streamline all the different app versions to be a SINGULAR UI interface that doesn't not change from one device to another?  Thus far, the android phone app is by far the most user-friendly. 

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Thanks for posting to Feature Request, @scQue814!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.
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