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Smart Song Selection

Smart Song Selection

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Status: Open Ideas

Modify the song selector algorithm to be aware of the artists in your Station Lists current events such as the death of an artist or their birthday. i.e. I have Joe Cocker selected in my Stations List -> The day this artist dies increase the priority (maybe 2-3 days) of that Station in the song selector. Increase the number of songs that will be played by some number (i.e. 10-25%). 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Great idea, @bjoyce2. Keep 'em coming!


That would be a great feature,most of the artist I listen to have passed away.If they could also provide links to other sites about that artist would be great as well,I want to know how some artist have passed away & if living what they're currently working on/releasing an album or where they're touring & sometimes check out a biography about them & it would save time searching.

I recently commented that this would be a great idea and it would also be great to provide links to other sites about the artist, I still think it's a good idea & provide the links for now but in the future for premium subscriptions Pandora could have their own site with the information we're looking for so we don't have to go elsewhere.