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Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

Please add a functionality that tells us what other device is being used when you display the error that "Someone else is listening."

This would help prevent the freak out moment that some unauthorized user has hacked my account, and possibly my payment information, by actually seeing what device is being used. I never really know if I need to secure the account or if it's just my family using the Alexa at home.

With that in mind, you might consider giving us the ability to forcefully log out all devices on the account via Settings menu as I've seen with other streaming services.

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Ok when I see it again.
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Yes Please


I have switched to Spotify and love it. So much more control over not only which devices are active/authorized, but just about everything else. Spotify gives me more control over my play lists and has excellent suggestions for enhancing them. Having used Spotify for a few weeks now, I can't see any reason for staying with Pandora. It was purchased by SiriusXM which turned it into a cash cow and they have put little to no love into future development or addressing our concerns.

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Yes! I love Pandora but can't believe that this function is not available.

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How do I know who is listening to my account.. I don't think its rocket science. How about doing something about this now?


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No one but me should be on my account. Period... **ahem**.. Help

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You can change your account password or contact support and have them
manually wipe your password on all accounts which will allow you to log in
and reset your password


Please allow us to manage our devices that are connected, and boot those that we no longer want to be authenticated. Also, give us the option to log out of devices that do not currently support it.

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Please add this feature!  At least let us sign out all devices even if we dont know what devices they are.  Even better would be to see a list of devices signed in, but either one would be great!


Ya'll can probably just stop posting about this. If they ain't done it yet, they won't.