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Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

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Please add a functionality that tells us what other device is being used when you display the error that "Someone else is listening."

This would help prevent the freak out moment that some unauthorized user has hacked my account, and possibly my payment information, by actually seeing what device is being used. I never really know if I need to secure the account or if it's just my family using the Alexa at home.

With that in mind, you might consider giving us the ability to forcefully log out all devices on the account via Settings menu as I've seen with other streaming services.


Correct. Pandora is a cash cow for Sirius and it isn't getting any more love. Make the switch to Spotify and enjoy life again.

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Please do this bc I'm about to lose my **ahem**

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I would like to see who else is using my single account and ability to delete those I no longer want authenticated.  Nowdays, I think, if a pop up says, "someone else is listening", I should know who it is. 


Ya'll might as well just stop posting because it is more than obvious no one is listening nor are they doing anything about it.  


Spotify people. Leave this unsupported platform and join us over where people actually care.

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Seriously. And this is SO FRUSTRATING!!!--

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I would like a button under settings to Remove all sign-ins on devices. This would be very helpful!


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I think that from the large number of folks looking for this feature and the response from Pandora, that the Pandora developers do not know how to implement this feature.
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I'm canceling my Pandora subscription...

Because I can't get my ex-girlfriend to log off even after I've changed my password, she still is adding her favorite stations back, ON MY ACCOUNT !?!

this is a very basic function Pandora get on it. 

I need a way to sign out of all devices. it's so basic.


@cerskine: I don't think there are any developers. They all quit. And management is a bunch of money hungry suits milking the service for cash while the audience slowly dwindles from a lack of attention and innovation.

See for yourself

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