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Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Someone else listening - Show what other device is being used

Opening Act
Status: Open Ideas

Please add a functionality that tells us what other device is being used when you display the error that "Someone else is listening."

This would help prevent the freak out moment that some unauthorized user has hacked my account, and possibly my payment information, by actually seeing what device is being used. I never really know if I need to secure the account or if it's just my family using the Alexa at home.

With that in mind, you might consider giving us the ability to forcefully log out all devices on the account via Settings menu as I've seen with other streaming services.

Local Performer

I also agree with this being a feature I think someone hacking my account, I have no idea why some songs are on my listened to list.

Local Performer

This is absolutely needed ASAP. Why hasn’t it been done already? Is anyone listening?

Local Performer

Yes please

Local Performer

Please fix this, we have 1 access and have been customers for years and now have to listen to this over and over again.

Local Performer

Device management in our accounts is definitely called for! Please implement. 

Local Performer

How can this not be featured on Pandora yet?  Disappointing....

Local Performer

So basically we can't stop someone who hacked our account?  Every other streaming service has this option.  Makes no sense

Local Performer

I would love to be able to remove a device instead of all devices too 

Local Performer

Spotify has done this for about a year now (if i remember correctly). I thought Pandora would have been first on it.