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Sort & Filter Thumb List

Sort & Filter Thumb List

Status: Open Ideas

Please add the ability to sort and filter our thumbs list. Seems like this should have been included as a basic feature. 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

@jujutsuka I moved your post to the Feature Requests space to give others around the Community a chance to upvote your idea. 💡

Thanks for your suggestion!

Opening Act

I too, would love this feature.

I currently have many stations that have over 1,000 thumbs up on them and some artists play a lot more than others, likely due to having so many thumbs ups.

I'd like to be able to sort the thumbs ups by artist so I can go through and delete thumbs up from every artist that has a lot. Sorting them by artist would allow you to see all of the thumbs up from an artist together so you can easily decide which thumbs to delete.

This would be EXTREMELY helpful


Local Performer

As like ctamutal, I too have over 1.000 (1,400) Thumbs Up songs, and I would like to delete the duplicates by running a sort on the song titles.