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Sound balancing/ More Volume Settings

Sound balancing/ More Volume Settings

On the Rise
Status: Open Ideas

Not sure where to post this but it would be a suggestion, but is there a way that a feature can be implemented where music output can be balanced to a similar sound level? Mainly with older music will be quieter then the remastered version due to how it was recorded.

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Opening Act

Agreed there should be some response from Pandora on this, given that it's clearly a bug or missed step in materials processing! If the problem is you can't go through your entire library to fix this (though I think you should), you could at least provide a reporting mechanism for any given track playing at low volume. Then at least some fo the tracks could be fixed.

Local Performer

Pandora needs volume leveling. End of story. As Nike would say, just do it! Save your excuses. It's gotten old. 


I would love to see Pandora utilize compression like terrestrial radio uses so that all songs being played will essentially be heard at the same volume level.

I've seen tons of people requesting this in the community dating back several years, but Pandora doesn't seem to be interested in incorporating it.

If you agree with me, please comment here. Thanks! 🙂