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Stealth Mode: No video, only audio

Stealth Mode: No video, only audio

Status: Open Ideas

Am I alone here?

I would love to be able to listen to Pandora in total darkness == A Stealth Mode  == Video Off == Audio Only. 

This seems like such a simple feature to implement.

Of course, normal listening should be easily restored, say by pressing <ENTER>

Besides the joy of listening in total darkness, it would also benefit anyone concerned about screen burn in.

Moderator Edit: Changing title for clarity

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @cbono thanks for posting! Just to be sure, you're talking about a stealth mode on your TV?



Indeed ... it may not make sense on anything else ... so no need to use it on a phone,  computer or any device but a TV.  That said, anyone turning the feature on a non-TV device will soon realize how unnecessary it is and not bother with it on such a device. 



I do this on my home theater setup (turn the display off, but audio keeps playing through surround sound system). Would love to have the same for my smart TV. This has three great benefits:

  1. avoid screen burn-in
  2. save electricity
  3. sets the mood
I have also found a workaround that works with Pandora Premium and Amazon Photos installed on a 4K Amazon FireTVstick...

The two attached photos (darkness 1.jpg and darkness 2.jpg) are in an Amazon Photos Album named Darkness

1. start Pandora Premium
2. start Amazon Photos
3. select Albums
4. start a slide show with Darkness using settings
* Slide Style: Pan & Zoom
* Slide Speed: Medium
* Shuffle: Off
5. if a flicker is detected transitioning between darkness 1.jpg and darkness 2.jpg press Enter/Select
Sound processing goes through an Oppo UDP 205 via ARC return channel

Q. Why not just set darkness 1.jpg as a screensaver?
A. Pandora Premium would not continue shuffling to a new/next song.

Q. Why does Step 5 work?
A. The flicker goes away, and Pandora Premium endlessly shuffles to a new/next song. I do not know why.

Q. How does one create an Amazon Photos Album?
A. I forgot. I created the Amazon Photos Album named Darkness in July 2020 ... a great deal has happened in the meantime 🙂

darkness 1.jpg


darkness 2.jpg



It reamins my hope Pandora will implement a "Video Off" / "Audio Only" / "Lights Out" / "Total Darkness" feature.

THANKS for all the wonderful music !!!