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Still Listening pop up

Still Listening pop up

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I think if we haven't closed out the application its self that it should not keep asking every couple of songs if we are still listening. I use this while at work and it gets quite annoying to have to click back on this page to click still listening. Obviously I am still listening. I know it is like Netflix and Hulu with their still watching thing but that is a different story most people sometimes fall asleep and even still that is annoying. I think with this app that if it wants to keep asking are we still listening we could either set a time limit for it to stop at like from 8-5 play or set it to ask us every 2 hours if we are still listening not every like 10 songs or so.

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Hi @Emmysmommy1315 thanks for your feedback on timeouts. We rely on feedback like yours to help us develop features that we know our community wants to see.

Hope to see you around community more!🎧

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I agree...I listen at work in the shop with safety gear on and have to leave and walk to the office just to click still listening every 10 songs.....It never did this before and who ever came up with this change obviously doesn't listen to Pandora at work like most of us.

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This pop up of "Are you still listening" is VERY annoying & I am very tired of this all the time.  If I wasn't listening, I'd be logged out!!  Stop this pop up, or I'll go to another alternative to listening to music, I can see from the complaints we are NOT alone here.  So it seems you're NOT listening to us.  so STOP IT PLEASE!
why did you label me a "casual fan".  I'm not a "casual fan".

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I'm fine with the "Are you still listening" popup, but one thing that is weird is that it shows up even if the music is stopped. So while I can see how it would be hard to tell if someone is still listening, you can definitely tell that they are not listening if the music is stopped. I'd call this a bug.


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I honestly am VERY frustrated with this pop up. I have been using Pandora for work but lately the "are you still listening" is popping up WAY MORE than like a week ago. What gives? Please allow us to set a time interval if you are that pressed on spending royalties for each song. UGH!!!!

Status changed to: Archive

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