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Switch billing plan from PayPal to Pandora

Switch billing plan from PayPal to Pandora

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I SIMPLY want to change from PayPal to my credit card directly through Pandora. I can't. I have to cancel at PayPal and Pandora and wait for my current subscription to expire in order to change my billing details. Sorry, but this is dumb. I should be able to change my billing plan from PayPal to personal credit card. If you have logistics/internal reasons for this... Then allow the consumer to do it once per quarter or something. It's silly I can't simply change my billing source from PayPal to Pandora directly without going through the cancellation process. I've been with Pandora too many years to risk losing thumbs up, etc. 

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for posting @jlcheatham - we apprecaite the feedback.

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Please have them fix this. Should be very easy fix.,

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Please fix this!
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I have cancelled my subscription, and renewed, still cant change my billing plan, I do not wish to use Paypal as a payment method, If you cant dfix it then I will then go on to Spotify. this cancel then resubscribe is stupid.