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Thumbs up should be available in all music listening instances

Thumbs up should be available in all music listening instances

Status: Open Ideas

It would be awesome if I could thumbs up hand-picked tracks, full album listens, or playlists to add songs to my thumbs up playlist

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Local Performer

I agree 100%. We need this ASAP.

Diamond in the Rough

I like the idea, but I think keep the thumb up being only 1 time, and maybe add a clickable "like" or something similar for each time the song plays. Also, keep track of it too, so you or someone else [if you so choose] can observe your taste and activity. That is one reason why I don't listen to albums very often, meaning I am not able to keep track of my activity. For example, I really like the idea that stations allow me to keep track of my listening hours.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the feedback @xGodSendDeath! Great idea, I've definitely wanted to thumb up songs in playlists. 

Thanks for posting!

Opening Act

Related, when I listen to an album, I am unable to thumb a track, but I think that would probably add greater quality to the algorithm for what Pandora thinks I like.