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Update "recently played stations" during "shuffle stations", display station in now playing

Update "recently played stations" during "shuffle stations", display station in now playing

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Currently it is not possible to see what is happening when shuffle stations is enabled.  Now playing does not mention what station is active and "recently played" for stations is not updated when a station is played by "shuffle stations".  Please update the software to update "recently played" when shuffle station plays a station and update "now playing" to list what station is the source for the current song so we can tell what the algorithm is doing with our music.  Thanks, Web

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for your suggestion, @Webdove! 💡 

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Great suggestion! I love using Shuffle to mix different stations. The problem with Shuffle is it's difficult to give a song a thumbs up. If you like a song, you are sent on a hunt to figure out which station has the new thumbs up. You may keep the thumbs up or remove it depending on whether the song is a good fit for that station. It's annoying enough that I play stations individually to train them but am reluctant to give ratings in Shuffle mode.

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I believe you never want to thumb up a shuffled station.  That biases the song distribution too much.  I removed all the thumbs up in my 250 artist stations to preserve the original song distributions.  I also set all my stations to “deep cuts” to get more unusual content. 

 I was also told by AdamPandora to use the PC app or website in “now playing” mode while shuffling with the window scrolled down to where the lyrics are showing.  Then on the top of the window you can see the current station and the current song.  

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When that song is from a different artist than the station name artist and it has played too much I thumb that song down.



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I had the same thought; I was going to post this. Rick Ross could be playing during shuffle in the classical station. I would like to know this so I can thumbs down to ensure more rap isnt played in my classical station. Has Pandora even looked at this yet? If not, how can we raise more attention?