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Upgrade Alexa's Pandora skill

Upgrade Alexa's Pandora skill

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I got an Amazon Echo as a gift for Christmas a year ago, and Pandora is almost the only thing I ever use it for; it stays unplugged unless I am listening to music or a guided meditation. I enjoy this well enough, but it lacks the ability to access playlists, podcasts, or station modes, so I am restricted to using stations in their standard mode. This is okay, but I would enjoy it more, and the skill would probably have a higher rating if it was comparable to the Android/iOS app. I don't know how technically challenging this is, whether Amazon offers a friendly API for voice recognition or if you have to train it to recognize words on your own, but I'm a little surprised this hasn't been upgraded yet.

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Mine plays stations. I say, "Alexa play Pandora [station name]" and Alexa says, "Ok; playing [station name] on Mike's Pandora." (And then it plays...)

It does need to be an exact match for the station name, or Alexa will create a new station with whatever it thought it heard.

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Hi @jdtannehill thanks for the feedback on Amazon Alexa! 👍


Let's get it to shuffle playlists for premium members!

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How about Deep Cuts on Alexa Pandora skill?