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Variety Shuffle

Variety Shuffle

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Request developers reexamine the way stations shuffle playlists. For example: Say I created a station with one metal band, one reggae band, and one pop song. Currently, and this has been my experience for YEARS, Pandora will play a variety of selections from each genre - in blocks. A metal block, a reggae block, and a pop block. This scheme is tedious, especially when your point (as listener / user) is to create "variety".  Would you consider examining ways to break-up the blocks? Please.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for your feedback @Mauldinart! 👍🏻

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I find it very tedious that Pandora plays a reduced number of songs multiple times (either in shuffle mode or within one station), even when I have added a lot of variety with many different stations. I ignore how the algorithm works, but it should be improved. On one hand, there are stations that I've added that are never or very rarely played. On the contrary, there are songs that keep being played and I am very tired of listening to the same songs, even though I like them much. I have used the "I'm tired of this song feature" several times, but it doesn't solve the lack of variety problem, and it only lasts for a while. For example, among my stations I have artists like Carlos Vives, Shakira and Supertramp. The songs that Pandora plays are the same five or so for each, even though each of those artists have more than 20 or 40 songs each. 

This happens even when I've made sure the stations I want are included in the shuffle mode. 

Local Performer

I have the same issue. I have a lot of stations saved, but I hear the same songs and artists. I want more variety. That is why I have a lot of stations saved, so I can hear lots of songs and genres.

Status changed to: Archive

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