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Web: Prevent duplicate songs on playlists

Web: Prevent duplicate songs on playlists

Status: Open Ideas

I sometimes forget that I have a song already in a playlist and when I add a song already in my playlist it will duplicate it and not let me know its already in a specific  playlist I am choosing to add it.


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Can you make it so you can't duplicate songs on a playlist? For instance when I try to add a song to playlist, and the song is already on that playlist, a message pops up saying this song is already there and doesn't add it again to the playlist. Seems obvious... But it's difficult to remember what songs are on there. Thanks


@jmeloche2214 I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Prevent duplicate songs on playlists

Make sure to upvote this thread with a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service as well.

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This post was made in 2019, I just subscribed to Pandora and I realized this is still not a feature. Please make this happen - it's absolutely crucial to remove/prevent duplicates. YouTube music and Spotify both take care of this quite easily.

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Could not agree disappointed that I cannot prevent duplicates on playlists when adding them from the website. I can do from my iPhone app, but not from the web. Makes zero sense. Come on Pandora...

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This is a simple feature request - come on, Pandora, get it done!

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This is literally the only feature that I feel the product is lacking. I mean, something simple to be able to remove duplicates with a button would work too.

It's been 2 years, I could write it myself if you have an api or something.

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I really love Pandora, and over the past two years have moved completely to this service. However, the app is completely lacking in so many ways. The lack of this functionality is BEYOND STUPID. It's basic. 

Sack up Pandora. You have to continuously add new features users want, and from what time I have spent on these community forums, it is pretty clear you do not.

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New premium member here. It's like I just bought a new Mercedes and discovered that it doesn't have a gas gauge. Great car, but what an obvious feature to leave off. Seriously, I can't even find a reasonable work around for removing multiple playlist duplicates. I may have to look at getting a BMW (i.e. another music service).