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an account setting that would require password confirmation for creation/edit/delete of stations

an account setting that would require password confirmation for creation/edit/delete of stations

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like many of us I listen to Pandora at work and the computer is accessible to others. I work in a group home for the elderly and have created stations specifically to entertain them. invariably-despite being instructed not to-some fool just jumps on my account and creates some rap/hip-hop thing, totally inappropriate for this environment. to prevent this could we have an account option that would require reentry of password for any attempt to create/edit/delete stations (this would likely have to affect thumbs up/down as well). obviously this would also require password reentry to change account settings or it would be pointless. the same setting would also satisfy the multiple requests in this thread to prevent Alexa from creating stations on a linked pandora account.

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Thanks for the feedback and idea @Glamdring

Sorry to hear about the random stations added to your account. If you need help removing any erroneous stations, please let me know. 



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they aren't random and they aren't erroneous, that's the point. someone is going in after being told not to and adding stations or editing the one playing. I have to go in later and delete all these changes. I want to be able to lock them so the changes cannot be made in the 1st place. I think that's what everyone has been requesting all this time in similar feature requests, the ability to play my account-completely locked-until and unless I choose to unlock it, with a password or 2 factor authentication or whatever.

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Thanks Glamdring.  I can't use Pandora lots of places I want to because rude people, even relatives, will start to edit what I've worked years to make.  We should be able to simply "Lock" our subscription from all changes, requiring a password to "unlock" it.

This ought to be a no brainer, the ability to log in anywhere on any device to enjoy our music and share it, but make it unchangeable to protect our work from harm.    I can only guess Pandora doesn't want us to leave our Pandora accounts signed in for others to use/access, and our fear of someone changing our music is Pandora's way of keeping that from happening.

The solution?  If we "lock" Pandora it will only stayed logged in for X hours. (1-4?) After that time passes, Pandora logs out and closes.


(And to the moderator - removing a station is not the issue!  What about 20-40 or more thumbs up or down on many of our stations?  Will that be a snap to remove all those when we don't necessarily recognize them ourselves?)