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no longer limit thumbs up to 100.

no longer limit thumbs up to 100.

Status: Open Ideas

when the earlier thumbs get knocked off by the fresher thumbs,. it changes the overall vibe of the station

i start to notice that songs i know i have thumbed up come around in the mix no longer thumbed. 

i thumbed it up for a reason, i don't know why continuing to thumb more tracks to dial in the sound of the station id like  knocks off my earlier preferences

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Diamond in the Rough

Not sure what you are talking about. A few of my stations have more than a thousand thumbs.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @skooch thanks for posting!

Keep in mind, on mobile devices, you'll only see the 100 most recent thumbs on your station. However, on the web, you'll see the complete list of all your thumbs. Any thumbs before the 100 recent are still part of your station and have not been removed. 

The second part of your post sounds like a troubleshooting issue.

The only time you might come across a track that you previously thumbed up or down and now appears that isn't thumbed might be because the track can be found on a rereleased album, single or remix. Thumbs only apply to that particular track, and will not apply to any other album with the same name by the same artist.

If you'd like we can take a closer look at this for you. I'd recommend posting your experience in My Collection and giving a couple of examples. Myself or someone else will be able to take a closer look at this. 

In the meantime, if you'd like to adjust your Feature Request, please be sure to edit your existing request and not to repost. 

Thanks for being part of community! 👍🏻


i'll move the discussion over to  "my collection" . that does seem like a better fit.

any idea where my follow up comment went to? this should be the third blurb i've put into this.


Don't see a third post on my end @skooch. It may not have posted for some reason😳

You can always edit posts to add new ideas. Let me know if you need steps on how to do that. 

Local Performer

This same thing happens to me and the songs are no longer thumbed up. You can comment to me and say they are but I know what it looks like when a song is thumbed up and these are no longer thumbed up. Like skooch says the vibe has changed. Wth please fix.