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shuffle to [permanently] change order of song listings in playlist

shuffle to [permanently] change order of song listings in playlist

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hey! i love a shuffle setting when creating playlists, but i hate having to tell my people "ok, when you play this back make sure and use the 'shuffle' setting!" would love a shuffle button that rearranged the song order within a playlist not just the playback order when listening.

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Thanks for the great idea on shuffle @detectronic  Haven't seen this before but sounds like it could be really great, especially for those large playlist I know many people have.  👍🏻

Local Performer

I have a lot of thumbups songs created as a radio station and it seems like I hear the same songs out of over 2000 songs every day while at work for 10 hours.  Would love to be able to shuffle these songs as there are a lot of these I haven't heard for a long time.  

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