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Family Plan Membership Email Address Account Requirements

Family Plan Membership Email Address Account Requirements

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Many complaints on here about the family accounts only allowing one stream at a time instead of the up to 5 simultaneous streams.  Sonos will only allow one Pandora account (one email) to be added so that creates problems right there.  Also, as your valued customers go about their lives waking up a a favored Pandora channel on Sonos coming on automatically in the mornings and turning off automatically shortly after we leave for work.  Driving to work listening to a Pandora channel, to arriving at work and streaming it again.  If any one of these is running elsewhere, you get the message "someone else is listening to your Pandora account right now....."  


The request in my mind is simple.  If you pay for the family plan, allow up to 5 streams running concurrently period.  If should not matter if they are tied to a single email address, 3 email addresses, or up to the 5 email addresses.  Wouldn't this solve this issue that so many of your paying customers are complaining about?  


PLEASE FIX THIS for a loyal longtime subscriber!

Local Performer


Do I have to go get an additional email address so I can address this myself?

There are MANY streaming music services out there and I have paid money for all these years, and now more money FOR THIS FEATURE. 

Are you even listening?



Completely agree with all of you. This is NOT a true family plan. I had to create an email address for my toddler just so I could create an "account" for him. But, that also means I have to have a dedicated device to play his music on, currently an echo device in his play room. When we're in the car, I have to log out of my account and into his if I want to play his Pandora radio. I know Pandora says the age is 13 and up and I don't understand that policy other than to get around creating a proper family plan with administrators, profiles, etc. I'm a long time Pandora user, have beautifully curated stations for me and I don't want my thumbs-up catalog full of childrens songs. But right now, due to the lack of easy profile switching and family plan management (plus other issues I've posted on other ideas pages), I'm about ready to pull the plug and move to another service.

Pandora, please here us. The only reason many of us are still customers is because of our perfectly curated stations, but even that is losing its luster with all the deficits compared to the competition.

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