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Feature Request: Ability to search for playlist by users more readily available

Feature Request: Ability to search for playlist by users more readily available

Status: Archive

I think it would really make a difference if:

1. We could search for different playlists made by other users more readily available

2. Be able to add a description about what the playlist is

3. Change the Cover Art on the playlist to a stock image or a  custom image of the user choosing

Thanks 🙂

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @AMastria95! Thanks for posting to the Feature Request board.

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

Can you do me a favor and please create a new post for #2. This helps with updates and voting.

Also, there is already a post available for the cover art, you can vote for this idea here: Feature Request: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

You can edit this post to focus on your #1 idea. Thanks much!

Local Performer

Yes, I would love to see this done as well. Also, maybe recommend some of these playlists based on the songs you thumbed up. I hope it gets done.

Status changed to: Archive

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