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Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

Status: Open Ideas


Can you please add the ability to upload a photo directly to Pandora. I do not have a Facebook account and suspect that users may want to have a different pix in Facebook/Pandora/Gmail etc.



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I also want to change my avatar...don't want it linked to my facebook!

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I want this feature - I also want the ability to disconnect my facebook account from pandora.  No matter how many times I disconnect it, when I come back it always says it's connected to facebook.

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I do not have Facebook account by choice and would like to be able to upload photo from personal library.  Please add this feature to Pandora.  Thanks!

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I've been a listener here for 14 plus years. When I joined, there was no social media connection. Not exactly sure why Pandora has decided to take this stance just to change a profile pic. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Please guys , Don't make people sell their soul and private information just to put up a pic.

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PLEASE! This would be absolutely AMAZING ❤️ 


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PUH-lease add the ability to add a profile picture withOUT having to have a Facebook account.  Pandora is FANTASTIC and FB S***S.  Will never ever, ever, sign up for FB, it's evil and robs people of their souls  <jk>.   Seriously, Pandora is Pandora and features tied to another platform is just sad, sad that Pandora can't stand on its own.  🙄



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Who needs or wants to associate Facebook with anything? C'mon, Pandora, let's get with it! A simple image file upload applet will suffice.

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Can someone please tell me how to add a picture to Pandora without having a Facebook.!!! I should not have to have a Facebook account to add a picture for an app that is free or paid account. 


@MsDimples it's 100% not possible, that's what this thread is about.

Pandora needs to get their act together and let people add pictures without linking with Facebook. This suggestion is now two years old and has almost 100 ♥, and evidently still hasn't even been considered.

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Facebook's whole deal goes against my ethics and their commitment to user 'authenticity' (read: consolidating all user data in one place so it's easier to sell that info to predatory advertisers) goes against even the most basic ideas of digital literacy.