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Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

Ideas: Ability to add profile picture

Status: Open Ideas


Can you please add the ability to upload a photo directly to Pandora. I do not have a Facebook account and suspect that users may want to have a different pix in Facebook/Pandora/Gmail etc.



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Snappy picture right now. Send it here. I'll take a look at it and then
soon mine will appear right in front of you. P at this point I guess that's
the most we can do about pictures and jokes and raps and rhymes till we've
done through. We already went through what we went through to get here. No
fear. Future near. Living in the now I'd rather that be from the front to
the rear pass behind me future over there. Worry about that. Too much
anxiety. The past cared too much depression. It. She just wants reflection
in her eyeball of her profile picture. Put it back up. Don't let it fall.
ture in her eyeball. Reflecting got the ability. This is email. Pretty sure
you're female with the Lee nails. Can I see what you look like? This just
took like a minute to write voice recognition , AutoCorrectN and so don't
judge. Pretty sure it's a fail, not stressiN. Look forward to answer.
Hopefully you send a pic either way, I just wanted to say hey hey Life
short do it your way. What did my mouth spit gun say? I don't even know
what's behind me. I'm living in it now. Go
Opening Act

i pay pandora every month they should give me my profile pic back  bank statements dont lie and i have done been opening act

Local Performer

Spotify allows you to add a custom profile photo so that you & your followers can see & that profile photo lets you represent yourself to your Playlist followers on Spotify.the fact Pandora is lacking this, it makes sense why Spotify beat the much older Pandora music streaming platform, Pandora is archaic in comparison.

As someone who had Pandora for years after coming back to it after a long hiatus I see why Spotify took your former dominant market share & I highly recommend you allow people the ability to customize their profile photo so that Pandora listeners also get to put their own "flavor" & representation of themselves in Pandora & for there followers to experience.


The profile picture is where the re"cooling" of Pandora begins. Spotify is more successful due to the fact they are a Music Streaming  service FIRST & "Gathering" / Social Media for music lovers to connect & enjoy one another's music, Pandora team, please introduce Profile pictures for both the forums & the Pandora APP itself giving people just that slightest bit of customisation & opportunity to represent themselves & their sound to the rest of the world will add an element of "social" artistry & be the first step in getting out this Archaic state the company finds itself in.

-Ty. Again. 🫡🕊