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Ideas: Ability to leave notes for specific tracks

Ideas: Ability to leave notes for specific tracks

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Ok, listen I know I may be a little stoned while listening to Pandora radio. But look... I have been with you guys since 2008 since listening to your music stream on my Blackberry and I have a suggestion that could improve the listener's listening experience.

Anyway, I do like to hit the skip button a lot when it comes to thumb'd up music I like. Yes, I do like to listen to them on occasion but sometimes I just need to give the song a break. Now, there have been times, especially today, where I would like to notarize why I am skipping. Now it may be an autistic thing or some other stigma going on in my life, but I think it would be good for the consumers and producers of music.

As for the consumer, you are able to leave notes of why you skipped, liked, or disliked the song. In the selection box, based on your reasoning, the submit button could be the skip option to provide efficiency to the skipping process. Within the music-player itself could be a side panel on the right-side of the web page for the listener to provide feedback to a song, or even albums.

Now as for the producer for music, monetization of reviews from consumers could be utilized to analyze comments, reviews, and reasonings for skipping to improve the artist's improver. 

Just spit-ballin here! Would love to hear some feedback from this idea.

With love,
Exambient (Jon)

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@Exambient I think the only ones that would respond to this type of feature would be those who would have a lot of time on their hands...I would be able to over the winter, but from the spring through fall and into early winter I would have no time...One thing is for sure you do have an inventive mind...

Take care and GOD bless...

Status changed to: Open Ideas

@Exambient Stoned or not, this is great feedback! Thanks for taking the time to post your feedback.

I've updated the status of your post to Open ideas. Thanks for being part of community!