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Ideas: Ability to mark a Podcast as Played/Unplayed

Ideas: Ability to mark a Podcast as Played/Unplayed

Status: Open Ideas

Can you please add a way to mark a podcasts as listened to or played. 

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Local Performer

How do I relisten to a podcast episode that has been saved in my collection?

I can relisten to it on computer, but it won't play on my iPhone.

It says "listened" and when I click the start button it just begins another episode.

I want to listen to it on my iPhone.

Local Performer

Please add a mark as played button for podcasts.

Local Performer

Agreed, there should definitely be an option to change episodes from played/unplayed.  When I listen a podcast for the 2nd time, when 1 episode ends and the next begins it doesn't start at the beginning.  It starts at the end.  Which is a waste of time and a pain in the **ahem** having to quickly stop what I am doing to move the needle just to be able to listen to the episode from the beginning.  I pay a lot of money for your service and should be able to seemlessly listen podcasts.  Apparently, this concern has been brought up numerous times from numerous paying customers but this issue atill has not been fixed and updated.  I would think you wouldn't want to lose customers who basically pay you salary.

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Please create this!  Many other streaming services have this, and it is keeping me from switching to Pandora as my primary streaming service

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Please create this feature ASAP!!  Was forced to switch podcasting apps and that's a huge feature you are missing that your competition offers.

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Cmon guys, this is not a hard software solution to create.  Listening to podcasts on pandora is super frustrating because it always wants to keep replaying the last 30 seconds of each episode.

Local Performer

I moved my subscription from Spotify back to pandora after quite a few years recently…and I was immediately reminded why I canceled pandora in the first place years ago! I can’t mark a podcast as played? Seriously, this is inane that this isn’t implemented yet