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Ideas: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Ideas: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Status: Open Ideas


As an avid Pandora user, I (like many others I presume) spend a decent amount of time & energy to curate my various stations. 

In my efforts I have occasionally come across some incorrectly labeled bands/songs/albums...  I believe this happens when more than one band/artist share a (similar) name; however, this can cause some havoc when streamlining a station for a specific genre.

For example, my station, "Goes to 11" features various metal and rock bands.  While delving into some doom metal bands I came across 'Funeral', a Norwegian Funeral Doom Metal band.  To my pleasure, Pandora has them as an available artist (unfortunately Orodruin is not - sad face); however, clicking on their artist page seems to feature what appears to be a rap/hip-hop act named 'Funeral' with a single song "Die Lit" (with the rest of Norway's 'Funeral' doom metal albums beneath.  Mind you, I have no problem with rap/hip-hop but (if I liked this song) I'd categorize it under my 'What? Yeah! Okaaaaaay!" station.  Please note that this isn't the only time that I have come across an error such as this.

Might Pandora consider adding a feature where listeners can "report" when a song/artist/album seems to be mislabeled or grouped incorrectly.  These reports could then be reviewed for accuracy and corrections made as appropriate.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I love the service!




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Has this been resolved or updated?  I am trying to report a song falsely uploaded with an unfinished mix and me as the Featured artist even though I’m the actual creator of the song.

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Was just listening to my White Noise radio for lovely, soothing spa sounds as I drift off to the Land of Nod. But what to my surprise should play next is a Spanish Heavy Metal band by the name of — yep — White Noise, to jar me from this blissful state. No bueno.

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I'm not sure how to "Heart" this post but this feature is needed very badly.  

Here is an example I found today.  The Cool Kids (Rap) have three albums, I circled in red, by a children singing group by the same name.  I don't want to listen to actual kids when I am trying to listen to midwest rap. 



I also find many examples of wrong years attributed to albums in the library.  I enjoy listening to an artist's entire catalog in chronological order and Pandora makes it near impossible with the wrong years listed.



Led Zeppelin did not release all of their albums in 2014.  





and a more modern example is Fall Out Boy's Take this to your grave which came out in 2003 but Pandora lists it as 2010. 


For reference, another streaming service has these dates correct.



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As a Premium customer of Pandora and it's music licenses, I have high expectations to the integrity of the artist and songwriter's work from your music distribution teams. I am listening to the NSYNC album, CELEBRITY, which is a highly popular album. Track 9 is incorrectly labeled as "See Right Through Me". The correct song name is "See Right Through You". It seems a little careless to forget such a thing on a highly valued platform like Pandora. 

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Disc one and two of “The Fabulous Carl Perkins” are swapped resulting in mislabeling of all 40 songs. 


@Wholly Have you heard the song? 

It has literally no excuse to be on Pandora on the same station. I shouldn't need to have to thumbs down it. There should be some sort of filter to prevent bad karaoke from being uploaded. 

It's actual trash.


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Vicente Fernández has a song called "Amor en Sombras" that plays on Pandora, however, is labeled incorrectly as another one of his songs "Yo Quiero Ser". I believe this has caused for "Yo Quiero Ser" to never play on any of my stations. Both songs are on his album Palabra de Rey released in 1991. 

On the CD, Yo Quiero Ser is track 10. Amor en Sombras Is track 11.  Not sure if this relevant but thought I would mention. 


Any time I tell Pandora to play "This is a man's world by James Brown" this chick's awful version comes up. It incorrectly lists "James Brown" as the performer. The second performer listed "Marlena Lady Black Lace" is the ONLY performer. TRULY disappointing when you're trying to hear the king of soul and you get this lady.

Song Credits

Performer: James Brown

Performer: Marlena Lady Black Lace


The album "Left Coast Blues" should be attributed to The Insomniacs (Blues) ( not The Insomniacs mod power pop trio.
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Feature request for a button within the app to report issues with a specific song.

Sometimes the song you up voted gets changed to the radio edit, censored, remixed, or live version, but doesn't update the song details. Including your thumbs up. 

I suggest a button to report these issues. It should include technical issues as well, such as extremely low quality and tracks that clip or cut off before the end.

Could be as simple as a database flag with counter. Higher count numbers reflecting higher possibility of an actual error with the track. 

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Yes, yes, please!

There really should be a way to send wrong lyric reports directly to Pandora, rather than having to poke around the Community to find where to post it. 

Better would be a link on the "Now Playing" station page itself to reference the specific file (because there will be different recordings of the same title).  Wrong lyrics and/or artist seems to happen frequently!