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Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Ideas: Ability to save different shuffle selections

Status: Open Ideas

It would be nice to be able to save different station shuffles.  For example, the stations I choose to shuffle at work are different than the stations I choose to shuffle at home, and it is a pain going in and unselecting 20 stations and selecting different ones each day.  Also, for holidays we shuffle through several stations with different genres at work, so a  Halloween shuffle, a Thanksgiving Shuffle, a Christmas shuffle, etc would be awesome to be able to have those set rather than having to reselect them each year.



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This guy gets it.

It seems like Pandora has just let it go into EOL auto-pilot mode. I can't
recall any new features over the last 5 years! Also the UI on the web is
a mess!
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So, Pandora, how about it?  We've been asking about this feature for over three years and nothing's changed.  As a software developer I have a sense of the LOE (level of effort) that might be required to implement this change and it doesn't seem that strenuous or complex - at least not any more complicated than implementing a single shuffle algorithm.  Any ETA on when we can expect this feature?  Or are you just leaving Pandora alone and ignoring your customers?  I can get that on Spotify, thank you.  I love Pandora and would hate to leave; but the first streaming service to give me multiple shuffles has my vote and my dollars.


I'll get off my soapbox now.  Thanks for listening.

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Long time Pandora subscriber here. I have not seen any features or
anything useful presented in some time. Maybe the business strategy is to
just let it ride into the sunset?

Shuffle Selector!

The web app has one of the worst UIs ever!

Show your customers some love
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Agreed 100%. I would use this daily as I switch from stations I shuffle while working, such as instrumental and classical, to the contemporary music stations I shuffle the rest of the time. 

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I agree, this feature is much needed.