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Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Ideas: Ability to view billing history

Status: Open Ideas

You know what would be cool? If I could print a receipt from my account like every other online subscription service in the history of ever. 

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Please Note: This thread is an Ideas post, specifically, the ability to view your billing history. If you would like to this feature for Pandora, click on the heart ❤️ to cast your vote.

If you would like to request a receipt, please visit the following threads for further help:

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Local Performer

Guys, please add this as soon as you can. We really need this.

Local Performer

I need a printable receipt, why is this not a standard feature?

Local Performer

Being able to print a receipt is a must.  What is the reason of not offering that option?

Local Performer

I use a business credit card for my Pandora account.  I need a receipt for proof of payment receipt to reconcile my account. 

Please add either automatic emailed receipts or show statements on the website.  

This should be a priority for your Customer Support. 

Local Performer

I'd like to add my voice to the call for the option to get a receipt online! There are many of us who need this receipt for business purposes. But really, how can you make a charge on our credit card without giving us a receipt? Seems like that would be normal business practice.

Local Performer

I need an invoice. This account is used for business.  

Local Performer

I use Pandora Premium at my work and bill it on my work credit card.  At the end of the month I cannot print a receipt for my expenses as I can do with my Spotify, Netflix, and Roku.  I have to hand write a receipt.

Local Performer

I need and invoice

Local Performer

This seems like such a very basic request. To be able to receive a monthly/annual subscription receipt. Please correct this issue as soon as possible as this is really challenging for businesses that use your service.

Local Performer

I don't think it is too difficult to ask for a receipt for a service that has figured out how to charge my credit card monthly.  Is this even legal not providing a receipt?