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Ideas: Add Cast feature to Web and Desktop App

Ideas: Add Cast feature to Web and Desktop App

Status: Open Ideas

It is common for me to use the web or desktop client. I have a Google Home and a Chromecast that I'd like to be able to cast to (like I can with YouTube and used to be able to with Google Play Music). Something similar to the cast icon that's present in the mobile app, but that can be used on the desktop and web clients as well.

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Local Performer

Please add this feature to the desktop app!!! It's on the web browser and the mobile app, so why is it not on the desktop app yet? I've been casting to my Google Nest from my web browser, but I would prefer to be able to cast from the Pandora desktop app.

Local Performer

I was looking to see how to cast using the desktop.  This is a big miss for the pandora service if it really missing.  Please implement this feature if it does not exist.


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Please add this!!!

Local Performer

A year later and it's still not there.

I can cast my tab via Google Chrome, but the audio is frequently distorted.

C'mon Pandora. We're paying customers that want this feature. There's dozens of us!

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I'll me too this.

Opening Act

I would also really like to see this; in fact an actual Pandora client for Linux with cast capability would be even better.  Thanks

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Me too

Get with the times Pandora