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Ideas: Add queue to web browser and desktop

Ideas: Add queue to web browser and desktop

Status: Open Ideas

Love the Queue feature on Mobile. Please bring to web soon!!

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Please add this feature it's very convenient to not need to make a bunch of random playlists


@oledakotajoe  I'll also be "that guy to keep pressing" ... since I'm currently on a Pandora Plus trial and actively deciding whether to transition from Spotify to Pandora. I love Pandora radio -- I started curating my stations long before Spotify was a glimmer in my eye -- but Spotify's queueing and playlists work much better. I was hoping that the new, improved Pandora would give me the best of all worlds, but it's still only Pandora "stations" that outshine other platforms. I'm still hopeful that Pandora can step it up though! 

Queueing should work across devices (on one account), and queued tracks should interrupt playback from a "station," in my opinion. Like, if I'm listening to "My Faves Radio" and then I want to scope out one or two new tracks I can throw them in the queue so they play next, and then "My Faves Radio" would resume play.


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seriously!!?? this isn't a thing on desktop???

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It's been 2 years since this was posted. Still no fix.

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Yes, as a premium user, I feel like a queue is the most baseline feature for a music app. A lot of us use this in the mobile space (which yes has the queue), but a lot of us also use this while we work! I've been with you all since the Genome Project, and I'm kind of surprised that we still can't queue songs on desktop! Please add this feature.

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This was possible in the early 2000's on most media players. I won't continue to be a premium user with this kind of neglect.


Would be great to have the ability to add to a queue on desktop as premium subscriber. Have stuck by Pandora for years, even though spotify and apple music have more features and smoother performance as well as more personalized experience. Would love to see the ability to add to a queue appear on the desktop app as well as on the website format. If I am paying for a premium subscription, I believe that a queue should certainly be included in the desktop version just as it is in the mobile version. Find myself using the desktop and windows app version of pandora as frequently or more frequently than the mobile app. 

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Community Manager

@Ryanb I moved your post over to this existing thread: Queue on the web

Make sure to upvote this feature request if you'd like to see the option added to the service as well.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:


it's truly absurd that pandora has not added this most basic of features to all formats/platforms/apps etc. Add some songs to a queue. I mean come on. I won't all caps shout it though I should - add "add to queue" on the desktop app. This is basic table stakes music app functionality. cheez.

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Hello! I love the queue feature for the mobile app and hope one day it would be available for the web and desktop app. Thank you!