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Ideas: Adjust speed of podcasts

Ideas: Adjust speed of podcasts

Status: Open Ideas

Can you make it so we can adjust the play speed of things such as podcasts so I can listen to a podcast at a fast speed to get through it faster. 


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Need to be able to play podcasts at .25x speed to 2.0x speed in increments of .25x


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Been using Pandora for over 10 years and would like to continue doing so but some simple upgrades are long overdue. I will not pay for service again until Pandora improves.

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will this feature be invoked

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I can't stand audio playback below 2.0 times speed. Add options for many different speeds faster and slower. YouTube on chrome with an extension can do 10 times speed.

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So is pandora going to do this or what? What are they waiting for? This can’t be very hard to do. 

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Still waiting... unfortunately there are podcasts that are only on Pandora and without being able to adjust speed, it's unlistenable. I guess Pandora isn't too worried about podcast users.

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Please add playback speed adjustments on podcasts

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My podcast platform is disappearing soon, and I need Pandora for podcasts as well as music. I listen to my podcasts at 90% speed, sometimes slower. If I can't do that on pandora, I will have to use a different platform for podcasts. That means, I may have to use a different platform for music.

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Subject: Urgent Request: Implement Variable Playback Speed for Podcasts on Pandora

Dear Pandora Team,

I'm writing to express my strong desire, and that of countless other users, for the implementation of variable playback speed for podcasts on Pandora. As a loyal user for [number] years, I've increasingly found myself frustrated by the lack of this seemingly basic feature, which is now standard on most competing platforms.

A Growing Need for Efficiency and Personalization:

In today's fast-paced world, many listeners like myself value the ability to adjust podcast playback speed. This allows us to:

  • Consume content more efficiently: By increasing speed, we can breeze through familiar topics or dense information without sacrificing understanding.
  • Personalize our listening experience: Slower speeds can be helpful for nuanced discussions or when learning new information.
  • Maximize our limited free time: For those with busy schedules, fitting more podcasts into our day becomes possible with speed adjustments.

A Competitive Disadvantage:

The absence of variable playback speed puts Pandora at a disadvantage compared to platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and even YouTube. Many podcast fans, myself included, are forced to migrate to these platforms when we encounter content we want to listen to at a specific speed. This fragmentation negatively impacts both our listening experience and Pandora's user engagement.

A Clear Demand from Your Community:

A quick glance at your community forums reveals a consistent chorus of requests for variable playback speed, dating back several years. Users like AkiaLaNae, Lokopo, and Jakewagarb have eloquently voiced their frustration and the potential impact on their choice of platform. Ignoring this demand risks losing loyal users like myself and hindering your growth in the podcast space.

Urgency for Action:

Implementing variable playback speed is not just a desirable feature; it's a crucial step to remain competitive and retain users like myself who value flexibility and efficiency. I urge you to prioritize this request and make it a reality in the near future. It's an investment that will reap significant rewards in terms of user satisfaction, platform adoption, and long-term loyalty.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon with a positive update on this matter.

Sincerely long time Pandora user,

Jeremiah Ruesch

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Google Podcasts is gone, this is an opportunity for Pandora to grab some of that market share..

I've been using Pandora for podcasts a couple of weeks now since being forced off Google Podcasts but the lack of playback speed is going to drive me to another platform.