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Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

Ideas: Adjustable visual equalizer

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It would nice to have a small EQ in the app that allows adjustment to the music, so one can pump up the bass or other frequency, compensate for older music that has not been remastered.

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 I know 12 band equalizers seem to be apart of past with the preinstalled tones in most hiphei systems these days.

How can i use an app to get the soind setings I crave?

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Pandora really REALLY needs to add an EQ function.  Nobody is asking Pandora to " alter music equalization"; WE want to do it ourselves.  It's like a restaurant that refuses to put salt and pepper on the guests' tables.  EQ is necessary because every headphone, wireless speaker, car stereo is different and being able to adjust certain frequencies to suit my own tastes is frankly something I am due as a PAYING CUSTOMER.

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    Equalizer fx Pro is all around great. It's a paid app, like maybe $3usd. Their base app, Equalizer fx is as good and stable I just wanted the few xtra features like loudness enhancer and balance and etc.

All that to say, an app design similar, possibly collabarate with thier devs, or merge kind of like Samsung having dolby atmos...Not a dev so IDK..just a few ideas. Thanks Everyone!


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The self-serving rationalization that “Pandora doesn’t alter the original music” is silly. It is beyond silly.  No playback equalizer on the surface of the planet alters the input recording - they alter the output in order to accommodate differences in music taste, equipment, and listening environment. If you have a stereo with an equalizer in the chain and load up your CD player with an disc and push play, the signal goes through the equalizer on its way to the amplifier outputs. It doesn’t do anything to the original recording, and no one expects it to.

Pandora knows that it users listen to music through all sorts of devices and conditions and really really needs an equalizer added to their app. They have known it for a long time. The clock is ticking.

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My colleagues often compliment me on collection of music my Pandora curates. Yet they criticize my iPhone sound quality.

lol it’s obviously Pandora’s original sound and not the iPhone.

Solution: Add an Output EQ to the paid subscription.

10 band EQ would establish your service as the optimum sound quality and an incentive to buy the subscription.

Finally, as a music producer Equalization trumps gimmicky high resolution audio any day.

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Equalizer feature coming in 2021?

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Trying to use an external equalizer app

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I’d pay for a lifetime subscription to pandora if there were adjustable eq settings! Sometimes I run and sometimes I sit and read, both require a different “feel” from the music! Personally I’d prefer to pay for pandora vs Apple Music. 

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Please Please Please

Add Equalizer

and Sound Leveler too


Thank You Thank You Thank You

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is there still no eq or visualizations? I think i am going over to spotify i hear they have both. What is the deal yall don't like making money or i guess you are already making enough to loose customers? I might come back later if pandora get with the times.